Smart Forms

Hello!, i just finished my second plugin!! Smart Forms, this plugin is used to create forms. I hope you like it =).



About the Author:

Im programmer working for an international company. I have programmed since i was 12 and i have done it professionally for 6 years. Programming for a company is fun and i have learned a lot of things but i have always been interested in running my own business so i decided to give it a shot doing what i do best, programming stuffs.
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  1. Tony  December 16, 2013

    First things First I am 100% new at all of this word press stuff.
    The form plug in can I make it with as many fields as I want? and can I have to provide me email information from the form?

    • Edgar Rojas  December 16, 2013

      Hello!! The free version supports up to 7 fields and you don’t need to provide your email =).

  2. Ian Arthur  December 17, 2013

    The TITLE function does not work. Also there is no way to put a separator between different sections.


    • Edgar Rojas  December 17, 2013

      Oh, you are right, thanks for spotting that issue. I will correct that problem ASAP, also i think the title function can work as a separator (once it is working fine) you just need to add one with an empty label.

      I know the plugin has a lot of room for improvement, and i am constantly working in it to correct issues and add feature, if you have one that you would like to see or if you find another issue please let me know =)

  3. Jared  September 11, 2014

    The form does not show up in my post. I watched your tutorial on how to put the form i into the post and i did exactly what you did yet it still wont show up. ive tried it a few times aswell. What do you think could be the problem.