Smart Donations

Hello!, i just deployed my first WordPress plugin, Smart Donations. This plugin lets you pick different styles of donations and add them to your posts (as a shortcode) or to any sidebar (as a widget). Currently i am supporting four styles of donations:


Type of Donations

  • Classic: Just the classic paypal button, you can configure it to show the credit card logos or not.
  • Text Box: A paypal button with a textbox so the donators can set the amout they want to donate right away.
  • Three Buttons: Three paypal buttons that you can configure with any quantity that you want.
  • Slider: This one is my favorite :). It shows a bar with the quantity that the donator is gong to donate and a happy face that gets happier as the user is scrolling forward or not that happy if the user scroll backward:

And here are some examples using wepay:

This is the classic donation


And this is an slider

[sdonations]7[/sdonations] You can get the plugin here:


I added two progress indicators!!




About the Author:

Im programmer working for an international company. I have programmed since i was 12 and i have done it professionally for 6 years. Programming for a company is fun and i have learned a lot of things but i have always been interested in running my own business so i decided to give it a shot doing what i do best, programming stuffs.
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  1. Dave  April 13, 2013

    Hello, just testing your plugin. This is a very cool plugin, nice work! The only thing I see as an issue is the increments don’t seem to be working on my test site, it always increments as 1.

    Do you plan on adding any other processors beside PayPal?


    • Edgar Rojas  April 13, 2013

      Hello Dave!, thanks a lot for checking the plugin.

      I didn’t see that issue, i will fix it.

      Right now there are many things that can be improved on the plugins so i want to focus first on the stuffs that people ask me. You are the first person that ask me a feature (thank you!!) so i guess i will start with that =). Which processor beside PayPal do you want to use?

      And by the way, the wish list page of the plugin was broken but, if you want, you should be able to use it now.

      Thank you, and i hope to hear from you soon.

      • Dave  April 13, 2013

        Hi Edgar, thanks for the reply.

        Well, I would LOVE to see WePay or Stripe integrated as payment options.

        The slider option on your plugin is Great by the way!

        Can I pop you a mail sometime?


        • Edgar Rojas  April 13, 2013

          Okay, i will work on adding those.

          Haha, im glad you like it. The slider is my favorite style.

          Sure, you can reach me at Thats my personal email.

          Talk to you soon!.

          • Dave  April 13, 2013

            Cool, thanks!

  2. Dave  April 13, 2013

    Oh, and a template tag to insert directly into templates would be awesome too!


  3. Lex  April 18, 2013

    Where I can find shortcode? If I need this plugin show on my page?

    *add them to your posts (as a shortcode) – where? 🙁

    • Edgar Rojas  April 18, 2013

      Hello, thanks for checking the plugin.

      To add a donation to your post just type [sdonations]donationid[/sdonations] (example:[sdonations]1[/sdonations]). You can find the donation id of your donation on the donations list.

      I know this method is clumnsy and i plan to improve it later but i hope this is good enough for now.

  4. Sylvain  May 25, 2013

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the time you took provinding a beautiful plugin ! I’m actually testing it on my website and since i’m French, i would like to be able to translate it completly. As for now, i can almost do it by editing the options but one is not changing : Current Donation (wish seems to be link to a .js file)

    You might want to consider enabling .po creation for others to use your plugin in their native languages. That would be on a whish list. 🙂

    • Edgar Rojas  May 27, 2013

      Sure, i have it on my list now =).

  5. Dave  May 28, 2013

    This is just waht i was looking for, but is it possible to change the donation amount from $ to £ (UK Pounds)
    Hope that you can help

    • Edgar Rojas  May 29, 2013

      donation amount where? on wepay? wepay only support US for now. You can change the currency of paypal if you expand the advanced options.

  6. Jesse  May 29, 2013

    I’m a WP/plugin rookie. Trying to install a donation button on my site. I installed the plugin and activated it, then dragged the widget to the “Top Login Area” on the widget page. What goes in the ‘title’ box and the blank dropdown box? How do I connect it to my PayPal account?

    • Edgar Rojas  May 29, 2013

      Hello, the drop down is blank because you don’t have a donation yet. Once you activate the plugin you will see a new option in your admin menu (the place where you activate plugins, create post etc) named “Smart Donations”, click there and then click on “Add New”, there you will be able to create a donation. After that you will see that donation in the drop down.

      Hope that helps and if it doesn’t please let me know =).

  7. Al  June 25, 2013

    Dear Edgar,
    First, great widget! Thank you for your good work.

    I want to give the user the option to submit a donation based on a predefined list of amounts. The ThreeButtons style works for this but I’d rather list the value and use the standard (classic) button for each one. That is, I don’t want the amount to show in the button.

    Instead, I created 3 Classic Smart Donations and put them in a table with the first column showing the amount. I can’t find a way to assign an amount to a Classic Button. Is it possible?

    • Edgar Rojas  June 25, 2013

      Hello!!, Good observation, i never though on that. Unfortunately that is not possible at this time, at least not easily. I will try to add this on the next release =).

      If you have more questions feel free to ask me in the Smart Donations Facebook Page

  8. Claire  August 14, 2013

    Hello. Great plug in. i can not figure out how to get the money from a donation. Thanks.

    • Edgar Rojas  August 15, 2013

      Thanks!, you can check the video tutorials here: Smart Donations Tutorials

      • Anton  January 21, 2014

        Please answer the question.
        I have wasted my time watching all your videos, no mention of the actual process. How are funds transferred!?

        • Edgar Rojas  January 21, 2014

          Hello, sorry for that, but what do you mean? the plugin is a paypal plugin, which means all the funds are going to go to your paypal account, to set it up you can use your paypal email, i think the first video shows how to setup a donation button.

  9. MIchaël  August 23, 2013

    Nice plug-in, Edgar!
    I just installed it and will consider purchasing the Pro version if people actually make donations through it.

    In the meantime, here is my wishlist for further improvements 😉
    – Customizable text (“Current Donation”, etc…), as mentioned in other comments, so we don’t have to mess with the .js files
    – I’d like to be able to mix the donation types. For instance, 3 buttons as “suggested donations” but also a text box or slider if they prefer to give yet another amount.
    – On PayPal, there is the option to write a custom “purpose” before confirming the donation, I guess it would be like comments for a donation wall. It would be nice to be have a widget/shortcode to display them.

    I assume you had already planned to add at least some of those in future versions, anyway 😉

    Also, is IPN already (automatically) integrated? To what URL does it send the response?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Edgar Rojas  August 24, 2013


      Thanks for taking the time to write your suggestion, i added them to my list. I don´t plan to use that purpose field that Paypal provides but i am doing something a lot better =) (at least i think is better) i am adding a new donation style, “Forms”, so you will be able to crate a custom form with the fields that you want and when you receive a donation you will get an email with all that information, the “Forms” donations uses IPN and, as you can imagine, they were really hard to do (it was like creating a new plugin!!) so i will place them in the “pro” version. After that i am planning to work on a donation wall, this will be part of the free version and off curse the donation wall will be a short code AND a widget =).

      IPN is integrated, it sends the response to a php page of the plugin, it also support refunds ( so if you give a refund the progress indicator will be updated).

      Thanks for your support =).

  10. Bob  August 31, 2013

    well i love the concept. I followed all the instructions. I made campaigns for each girl. I tried button then slider which the slider is the one i liked. but in the widget the title shows on my sidebar bu not the list. and the post pages when i add the smile face to the post it don’t show up on the page. Not sure where I went wrong.

    • Edgar Rojas  August 31, 2013

      Hello Bob!! Do you have a link that i can use? i would like to see the page and try to find the problem

  11. Aaron  September 3, 2013

    Hi Edgar,

    Thanks for the great plugin! One question, on my website, when I use the slider, it slowly disappears once I start sliding it back and forth. This happens in a variety of browsers, yet it doesn’t happen when I use the slider on other websites.

    Any thoughts?

    • Edgar Rojas  September 3, 2013

      Weird, the bar disappear with an animation so it should be a plugin or a feature of your theme that hides a div in certain conditions, i’m afraid i don’t know exactly what do that but you can try disabling the plugins one by one and changing the theme and see what is causing this isssue.

  12. Daniel  September 12, 2013


    Starting to work on this site: – just wondering if the pro version comes with support for recurring donations. (e.g. I chose to donate $15/month and it bills me every month until the campaign goal is met.)


    • Edgar Rojas  September 12, 2013

      Hello. Thanks for your interest but i am afraid that they are not supported yet, now that i think about it that is an important feature that i am missing so i will try to add it somehow in the “forms” donation style but i don’t know how log that is going to take.

      You might want to check this site there are a bunch of awesome plugins there.

      I wish you the best of luck and if you have any question please let me know =).

  13. Sezen  October 2, 2013

    Hi Edgar,

    Great plugin, I also got the Pro version.

    While testing the plugin I noticed that PayPal is asking this “You must add funds to your PayPal account before sending more money.” However, If I test sending money to the same location manually at PayPal site, there is no issue. Is PayPal treating this plugin “not so secure” and throwing extra step? Or am I missing something?


    • Edgar Rojas  October 2, 2013

      Hello!!, first, thanks for purchasing =).

      As far as i know Paypal doesn’t add any additional restriction on plugins, Paypal even has a page that lets you create a button and what this plugin do is just to format and add more features to that plugin (like displaying the button in different ways or adding tracking to the donations) but for PayPal this button is as good as the buttons they generate.

      I just checked that issue and it seems more like an issue with Paypal (

      So i recommend to wait a little bit or contact paypal.

      • Sezen  October 2, 2013

        Thanks for getting back quickly.

        I hate to say this but definitely PayPal is doing something to your plugin. I created a button from PayPal page, and it does not give me that error message. Money was being sent to the same destination and from the same source.

        Maybe because the plugin uses the email address to identify the destination. You might want to check it out more.


        • Edgar Rojas  October 2, 2013

          The Paypal donation buttons also uses the email address to identify the destination. can you send me the code that you created with paypal and the code you created with my plugin? i would like to check them.

          • Sezen  October 2, 2013

            This is from Paypal:

            Yours is shortcode from SD v2.9.9:

  14. Sezen  October 2, 2013

    Ooppss, this site does not allow posting HTML code. I am trying with some delimiters. If it does not work please email me, I will reply with the code.



  15. Mark  October 4, 2013

    I love your plugin but can I change the currency from dollars to Euros ????

    Thanks Regards

    • Edgar Rojas  October 4, 2013


      Yes, just open the advanced options and choose your currency =).

  16. Jay  October 23, 2013

    I am having trouble activating the pro version. I am using wordpress 3.0.5. Will it work with this version. I also installed it on 3.2 and I am having the same issue. When I click the link that indicates if I already have a pro license, nothing happens. Please help.

    • Edgar Rojas  October 23, 2013

      Hello, i already responded your email. Could you check it please and reply me back?.

      Again, thanks for your support =).

  17. Kevin  October 27, 2013


    Great plugin, I purchased the pro version. I am setting up a new site and I would like to try and fake the progress bar a little bit just to get the ball rolling, makes me look really unpopular with it empty. Can I do this just by editing a few files and if so which one(s)?


    • Edgar Rojas  October 27, 2013

      Hello, you dont have to edit any file, you just need to create new entries through the analytics screen, for more information, check this video:

      Hope this help =).

      • Anonymous  October 27, 2013

        Fantastic, thanks!

      • Kevin  October 27, 2013

        I just realized that the progress bar is not displaying properly on my page. Any idea why?


        • Edgar Rojas  October 27, 2013

          A part of your css is messing the progress layout. Please add this to your css:

          .thermometer .progress {
          margin-bottom: 0px;

          • Kevin  October 27, 2013

            Thanks for the quick reply. Looking a lot better now.

            Thanks again!

  18. Anonymous  November 5, 2013

    hi, great plugin

    Unfortunetly, the progress bar isn’t working for me. Number is always $0.00 even if a paid and receive a confirmation from paypal. Can you help me?

    • Edgar Rojas  November 5, 2013

      Hello, for the progress bar to work, the donation button and progress indicator should be pointing to the same campaing (video tutorials here:, so, are they pointing to the same campaign?

  19. Tara  November 13, 2013

    I want to add the donate button to the top nagivation with the rest of the social icons to the right. How would I add the donate button up there? What would I put in the css? Can you help me please?

    • Edgar Rojas  November 13, 2013

      Hello, that highly depends on your theme. You can add a donation button as a widget or as a shortcode. If your theme support the addition of widgets in that top navigation bar you just need to add it.

      Hope this helps.

      • Tara  November 19, 2013

        Thanks Edgar, Where do I find the shortcode?

  20. ucche  November 24, 2013

    Pls, I Love this plugin, but I need it to show me the Naira currency option ,cos Am Nigerian and my users will have to pay using naira master cards etc. Thanks

  21. Anonymous  November 27, 2013

    I like your plugin.
    How can I reduce the padding some more? I put padding:0 in the advanced edit, but there is still a large gap. See
    Also, is it possible to just have a JPG image that I could just drop into the page?

    • Edgar Rojas  November 30, 2013

      Hello!, it looks centered to me to be honest. You could move it even further by adding negative margin if you want (e.g. margin-left:-10px).

      Hope this helps.

  22. Kenneth Rohde  November 30, 2013

    I have it configured and it works feat. However when the donors go to PayPal there is a spelling mistake in the “product” line that I would like to correct I can’t figure out where I do this. Can you help?



    • Edgar Rojas  November 30, 2013

      Hello!, which spelling mistake?

  23. SHIRLEY MAYA TAN  January 12, 2014


    I still don’t get how do we use the style we want, and how do we connect it to our Paypal account? Please advise. Thanks

    • Edgar Rojas  January 12, 2014

      Hello, please check the tutorials here, you have to use your paypal email in the button configuration to link it to your paypal account. Hope this helps.

  24. Roisin  January 22, 2014

    Thank you for this plugin which we use on our site.
    I had something for the “wishlist” but I see that the latest upgrade includes what i wanted… the option to customize the text on the slider (eg “Current Donation”). i would like to write “Suggested Donation” but I cannot find how to do this. No doubt you’ve explained it somewhere but having searched a bit, it’s easy to ask you in this comment…
    look forward to your reply,

    • Edgar Rojas  January 25, 2014

      Hello, i think you only need to write that text instead of “Current Donation”, perhaps i am not understanding your question?

  25. Saunsea  January 26, 2014

    Hello, wepay recently announced they are no longer offering the tools of donation or by now buttons, but are going fully API. I was wondering how this may affect your plugin?

    J. Saunsea

    • Edgar Rojas  January 27, 2014

      Unfortunately it will affect the plugin since it is using the donation buttons. So i might end up creating another plugin or an extension to add wepay support using the api.

  26. Amy  March 9, 2014

    I love this plugin! I bought the Pro Version so I could use a form. The support from Edgar was quick and friendly, and the tutorials were very helpful. I am only moderately competent with WordPress stuff, so if this plugin was so easy for me, it would be easy enough for anyone!

  27. Vijaya  September 22, 2014

    I have wordpress responsive website. I want to create campaign to gather $10,000 for our project. I added number $10,000 in campaign but it is showing as 0. What I have to do to fix this?


    • Vijaya  September 22, 2014

      I use contact support form from smart donation plugin. It goes to go daddy support contact instead to smart donation support contact. Could you please tell me what could be the reason?


      • Edgar Rojas  September 23, 2014

        Hello, please create a support ticket here:

    • Edgar Rojas  September 23, 2014

      Hello, please creat a support ticket here: