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Smart Forms

Hello!, i just finished my second plugin!! Smart Forms, this plugin is used to create forms. I hope you like it =).


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Knockout container slider

Hello Guys, today i am sharing a container slider for knockout,  the slider is very easy to implement, you just need to create a div like this:Continue Reading →


5 steps to read less and learn more

reading-catI used to read a lot, when i wanted to try something new i used to learn everything about it before even starting, result: i got bored on the process and just forget about it or i discovered something similar and then i wanted to learn about that as well… so i never started anything….

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Smart Donations

Hello!, i just deployed my first WordPress plugin, Smart Donations. This plugin lets you pick different styles of donations and add them to your posts (as a shortcode) or to any sidebar (as a widget). Currently i am supporting four styles of donations:


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Using multiple versions of jquery ui

If you are creating a javascript component that relies on jquery-ui a good approach is to use your own jquery-ui library, the reason is that jquery-ui can be tailored in very different ways so you can not expect that all the websites will have the version that you need. But things are not that easy, if you include your own version of jquery you can potentially break another component that also uses jquery-ui. or even worse, if another component add its own jQuery ui, that component could break yours!!.

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