Knockout container slider

Hello Guys, today i am sharing a container slider for knockout,  the slider is very easy to implement, you just need to create a div like this:

<div data-bind="SliderContainer:{width:700, height:480,indexField:Index}">
<div id="screen1">
<div id="screen2">
<div id="screen3">

This will create an slider with three screens (screen1,screen2 and screen3). The screen that is currently visible is defined by the indexField (in this case Index), so with this configuration you could easily do something like this:

[dciframe],js,html,css/*600*550*0*auto*border:1px solid blue;align:left;[/dciframe]

Hope you like it =)


About the Author:

Im programmer working for an international company. I have programmed since i was 12 and i have done it professionally for 6 years. Programming for a company is fun and i have learned a lot of things but i have always been interested in running my own business so i decided to give it a shot doing what i do best, programming stuffs.

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